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Risk Management – What Is Your Insurance Fitness?

Well, its February and by now most of us have forgotten to keep our personal New Year’s fitness resolutions.  But this is a good time to check up on our insurance fitness.   For those of you who are getting your … Continue reading

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Risky Business – Playing With Fire Protection

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It’s October and once again it’s Fire Prevention Month.  So this year, I will try to compose a few posts that will look at fire prevention and fire protection from a risk management point of view.  In this post I … Continue reading

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National Preparedness Month – Are You Ready to Shelter in Place?

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September is National Preparedness Month.  As the American Red Cross (ARC) asks us to prepare family emergency disaster plans, I ask you “what do you know about the Emergency Action Plan at work?”  The ARC motto for family emergency plans … Continue reading

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Carbon monoxide – the silent killer

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Carbon monoxide (CO), the silent killer, doesn’t need to be one. CO is a colorless and odorless gas that kills because it is toxic to humans in concentrations over 100 ppm. That is less that 1/100th of 1%. And it … Continue reading

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Never Give Up: Failure Is Not An Option

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Yesterday, the New York Giants capped off an unbelievable season by beating the New England Patriots in Superbowl LXVI. The game reflected the season: a strong start, losing the lead despite playing well and comeback at the end to win. … Continue reading

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Deadlines and Expiration Dates

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Most people don’t think about checking for deadlines in January, but there is an oft overlooked deadline looming. The OSHA 300A Summary Log deadline – February 1st – is rapidly approaching. The fine for failing to post the log is … Continue reading

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Be Prepared – Flu Season is Here!

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The Flu Season is here.  What does the flu have to with safety and preparedness?  At first glance, most of us would say not much.  But, after you think about it, safety is really affected by the flu.  When people … Continue reading

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