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Risk Management – What Is Your Insurance Fitness?

Well, its February and by now most of us have forgotten to keep our personal New Year’s fitness resolutions.  But this is a good time to check up on our insurance fitness.   For those of you who are getting your … Continue reading

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National Preparedness Month – Are You Ready to Shelter in Place?

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September is National Preparedness Month.  As the American Red Cross (ARC) asks us to prepare family emergency disaster plans, I ask you “what do you know about the Emergency Action Plan at work?”  The ARC motto for family emergency plans … Continue reading

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Knock, Knock – What To Do When OSHA Shows Up

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When OSHA shows up at your facility or worksite, it can be a very daunting experience.  But, it should not be a frightening experience.  The question is “what do you do?”  Obviously denying OSHA entrance is not the wisest choice.  … Continue reading

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Deadlines and Expiration Dates

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Most people don’t think about checking for deadlines in January, but there is an oft overlooked deadline looming. The OSHA 300A Summary Log deadline – February 1st – is rapidly approaching. The fine for failing to post the log is … Continue reading

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Veterans Day: Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

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Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone who put on a uniform and walked a post or stood a watch.  I am grateful for your service for I am an old sheepdog also.  I am currently reading a book called Semper Fi … Continue reading

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Holistic Safety: Working the Plan

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I’ll always remember the words of Bill M., one of my early mentors, nearly twenty five years ago:  “Plan the work and work the plan.”  For Bill, planning was everything.  Planning included the work process, work steps and resources – … Continue reading

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